Ecological Consultancy

An Overview

Ecological Consultancy - An Overview

Unique to the industry, ours is a full-service offering

Our dedication to ecological services has provided us with a diverse range of work covering both the rural and urban contexts, including land subdivisions, infrastructure proposals and landscape management.

The business model at Rural Design is our strongest point of difference. We are unique in that our relationship with a client doesn’t end at the delivery of an ecology report. Beyond the consultancy advice, our service continues with a detailed cost-analysis, preparation of a site for planting, plant supply directly from our nursery, right through to planting and ongoing monitoring.

Seamless Service Experience

As a team, we’ve called this a ‘one-stop shop’ experience for clients. By keeping the service under one roof, there’s less stress for you, it’s seamless because our finger is on the pulse and we are accountable for the full lifecycle of your project.

To match a growing demand for ecological consultancy services in Auckland and Northland, we are a progressive team completing appraisals and assessments for all land use change – residential, industrial and commercial development proposals.

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