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Ecology Assessments

Flora and fauna surveys are at the heart of our ecological services. From large infrastructure projects across New Zealand, down to smaller residential developments, we can provide you with ecological surveys to support your project and ensure compliance from the get-go.

Our team includes ecologists, botanists, ornithologists, biologists, spatial analysts and more, with vast experience working on projects on a local and national scale.

Our services cover disciplines in terrestrial, aquatic, and marine ecology, including:

  • Characterisation of plant and animal habitats and communities
  • Plant and animal species inventories, including endangered and invasive species e.g. avifauna, herpetofauna, fish, invertebrate and bat surveys
  • Comprehensive bird surveys using passive bird sound recording
  • Detailed botanical assessments
  • Assessment of ecological values and functions of terrestrial aquatic and marine environments
  • Ecological impact studies and ecological assessments pursuant to local, regional, and national regulatory programmes
  • Arboriculture assessments
  • Environmental auditing
  • Protection and monitoring of the natural environment during development phase
  • Wetland and terrestrial environment management plan, including watercourses and floodplains
  • Studies of ecological systems (linking biological, physical and socio-economic components)
  • Ecosystem mapping and inventory
  • Ecosystem rehabilitation and restoration
  • Development of mitigation and compensation measures
  • Public and stakeholder engagement

To discuss our capabilities and how we can help with your project, please reach out.

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