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Freshwater Ecology

Just as our parents and grandparents did, Kiwis want to swim, fish, gather mahinga kai and enjoy freshwater. We also need clean water to drink and irrigation to nurture a sustainable economy.

But our water is suffering as a result of urban development, agriculture, horticulture, forestry and other human activities. There is also a lack of robust regulation, monitoring and enforcement. To improve freshwater quality, we need reliable monitoring and modelling tools to measure progress.

We have proven experience of freshwater ecological assessment for development as well as conservation led projects. Our services include aquatic habitat assessments, macro-invertebrate survey, advice on improving or re-instating fish passage, data analysis, advice on restoration and management of habitats, mitigation, and control of non-native invasive species.

Our aquatic ecology services include:

  • assessments of the stream and riparian environment, including stream classification (permanent, intermittent, or ephemeral), water quality and stream morphology
  • freshwater fish surveys using a kick net, sweep net, fyke traps, gee minnow traps, or by spotlighting depending on the habitat and the species We have expertise in surveying ‘at risk’ species such as the longfin eel
  • aquatic habitat assessments including SEV (Stream Ecological Valuation)
  • macroinvertebrate surveys of still and running water habitats, including identification of major aquatic macroinvertebrate groups to family or species level
  • advice on mitigation of adverse ecological effects on aquatic values
  • advice on short and long-term water quality management
  • advice on stream, lake and pond restoration and enhancement, and the control and management of invasive species

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