The Importance of Environmental Assessment In Farm Plans

12 October, 2015

Conducting an environmental assessment is a process. As a landowner, you can assess your own property based on observation alone, but that is likely a biased take rather than a proper evaluation.

Needless to say, you need professional help when conducting environmental assessments on your farm. Using the services of an ecologist or an assessor when planning for your farm has significant advantages, particularly on issues with land use consent.

Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)

Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) aims to identify the effects of an activity conducted on the environment. If there are problems arising from the said activity, these assessments also identify steps to avoid or reduce the said problems.

An AEE of your property is best handled by a professional assessor or an experienced ecological assessor. With their help, your farm plan would not only address landscaping concerns, it will also also cover most activities conducted within most properties like putting up signs, ecological restoration and even events held inside the property.

Expert assessors are also aware of specific legalities when using one’s land. You will need them for your land consent application. Land use consent either carries out earthworks or install/ alter groundwater bores. And this is best implemented with an assessor along with his accurate environmental assessment.

Accurate environmental assessment saves you two things: time and money.

● It saves you time. For example, instead of going over your property and randomly planting native plants in the area for revegetation, your assessor will be able to help you plan the landscaping, planting and consent procedures on your property.
● It saves you money. With proper planning, you will be able to buy and plant the necessary plant species in your property when doing ecological restoration for example, instead of experimenting species to plant. Also, with accurate assessment, you maximize the available space in your property.

Other benefits of Environmental Assessment

Accurate environmental assessment also protects you from government penalties that can potentially arise in the event of land misuse. Land encroachment is also minimized when employing the services of a property expert.

Assessors will be able to measure, pinpoint, and even give advice on land use and development. You will have the necessary guidance on what kind of plants you need to use on a piece of land, land use schemes, you rights as a landowner and even steps to sustain the natural environment within your property.

Finally, accurate environmental assessment aims to preserve your property for future use. With a professional and unbiased assessment as your assessor, you can now plan the development of your land with the right planting strategy, the appropriate landscaping, the necessary vegetation of the area and the methods for you earn from it.

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