The Value of Ecological Restoration and Assessment

30 December, 2015

The question of why we need to have ecological restoration in our property is moot and academic. Any land, especially those that have been neglected or in need of rehabilitation, needs ecological restoration for it to be viable again.

Ecological restoration is the process of rehabilitating a damaged or unused property back to its original ecosystem. This process involves planning, planting, and the maintenance.

There are many reasons as to why landowners and developers see the need to have ecological restoration in their property. Some of the benefits of doing ecological restoration include:

● Climate change mitigation
● Restoring the inherent capital of the land
● Providing habitat for endemic wildlife
● For Aesthetic and Economic Reasons

The Importance of Ecological Assessment in Restoration

Before restoration can be done, an ecological assessment has to be performed in order to determine the property’s current state and the expected impact of the restoration project. An ecological assessment takes into account physical, environmental, social, economic, as well as stakeholder participation in the event of planning the restoration. It also gives you an idea on how to deal with government policies regarding the proper conduct of doing restoration projects.

But more than anything else, ecological assessment prepares you to plan the type of restoration services you need. It helps you project how extensive the project would have to be.

Opinions vary as to how ecological restoration should be done. Others argue over its goals or even what constitutes a successful restoration. In fact, some people have even pointed out that restorations, if it’s possible, should be done with minimal human interference or doesn’t really require that much effort.

But because ecological restoration is an intricate process involving multiple factors, landowners will eventually see the need to employ experts for the restoration. When restoration is done correctly, you increase your chances of success. When ecological restoration is done with a solid, viable plan, you minimize wasted time and resources. Proper implementation and planting based on a solid restoration plan also helps make maintenance easier and less tedious in the long run.

This is where Rural Design comes in. With our extensive experience in planning, implementation and management of ecological restoration project, and expert crew of ecologists, botanists, landscape designers and more, we can give you a comprehensive assessment and help create a solid, feasible, sustainable plan for your project.

Our strong partnerships with authorities, local and regional, will help usher a smooth application process, so you won’t be able to concern yourself anymore with dealing with the red tape of government policies pertaining to your restoration.

We take pride in being leaders in our field and in our efforts to mitigate the impact of climate change with every project that we undertake. We are more than willing to help you with your project, because there’s nothing like restoring a once vibrant ecosystem. As a landowner, it is also like having a new lease on life.

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